Friday, August 7, 2009

My skin started acting all funny after the trip to singapore and im sad to report that it has blossomed into a full fledged, all-out bout of eczema. My extra-sensitive skin has been pretty much ruining my life these past few weeks. What with the itchiness followed by a few minutes of intense post-scratching pain and discolouring properties.. you can say i haven't been much of beauty lately.

After two or more weeks of procrastination, i went to the GP and he gave me a couple of creams which im proud to say have been showing results. Mwahaha.. finally no more sore rough spots (though the discolouration is still there). My random bouts of eczema is probably one of the most uncomfortable experiences i'll ever have. It's like you wake up in the middle of the night and feel really really thirsty. But it's not you, it's your skin. It's like having dried up sand for skin if you know what i mean. The sandy, dry feeling and the way it peels off when you touch it. And then when you scratch it the nasty burning sensation that follows. Bah.

My mum's been using this as an excuse to get rid of all our pets but this little handicap is not going to stop my animal obsession. Never. NADA. Lately i've been obsessing over the exotic shorthair cat which in my opinion is the most ugly and adorable cat ever. BEHOLD the awesome pudgy squishy-faced entity!

See! It's a short-haired version of the Persian AND includes all the persian's fantastic traits too. Affectionate and even more playful and attention-seeking than it's lazy long-haired counterpart. That's a bonus. Sigh so near yet so far away.. mew.

I think i need to get a few things off my chest before i decide to calm down and move on with my life.

First and foremost, i will swear never ever EVER to try and do a dance performance EVER AGAIN. Mainly because i do not want to ever EVER go through the mental and physical fatigue i had to go through before. The whole thing was just one giant hideous mistake. What was i thinking, confident that it was possible for little old me to manage a group of rambunctious hormone ridden teenagers?

As predicted the whole thing was a right FAILURE. And i was even lied to. The whole time her enthusiasm about our performance was just a flimsy ACT. She wasn't even looking forward to our practices. She didn't even like dancing in the first place. And boy was i fooled.

They've all failed me. And i've failed them. Hopelessness, despair, anger, hurt all balled up into one. The one day i decided that i could save it and WHAM, everyone bails. I thought we were all in this together. HAH big hoot.

But don't worry, i still love you all. It's just that at this moment, i feel like ripping your heads off and hanging them by a tree.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High-Tech Granny

I think things here have changed alot since i came here. In my aunt's house i mean. In Singapore.

Like for instance, my grandma. A few years ago she was struggling to switch on the telly and suddenly. she has a brand-new ultra-super-sleek walkman phone AND her own personal DVD player. Which even I have trouble working. Sadly.

She can now sit quietly in her room and listen to her Mawi CD without driving anyone off the edge. She used to make us all listen to his songs in the car all the time and told off anyone who dare make any snarky comments about her idol. It got so bad i actually had to make sure i brought my mobile and earplugs whenever we went out to try and keep my sanity...

It's depressing really, to find that your own grandmother can actually sms faster than you. Sigh.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Oh and i forgot to mention one thing. We relocated the cats.

The ringworm situation was getting a little out of hand(my sister) so we decided to move them to a nearby kampung. I read on the internet that ringworm heals by itself even if it does take a long time. So i agreed to move them somewhere so that it'll heal without victimizing anyone else. I thought it was a good idea since a) they would have enough food b) we put them beside a little river so they'd have water c) there was an empty house for sale nearby so they'd have shelter

They also won't be subjected to any scary cat-eating mums out there. The environment was also perfect for the kittens to learn basic survival skills and the tall 'lalang' provided more than enough lizards for Munchie to catch.

Course im going to miss them but it makes me feel way better knowing that they won't die or anything out there. Plus, my mum's nag-o-meter's gone down which is a mega bonus.
I am officially related to Frankenstein.

My sister developed this hideous jaw-dropping allergy that started from a tiny little ringworm. It's either she's allergic to the fungus or the ringworm cream she used. We didn't tell our mom so the thing started getting larger and the rash was definately not doing a good job of blending in. It was creeping up her neck and we just had to break it to her. My parents went amok as expected, and took her to the clinic where she got a jab. Hopefully it'll die down before school we go back to school or she might as well come wearing a zombie costume.

No im just exaggerating.

Anyway, here i am in Singapore enjoying the city life minus the freaky masked inhabitants. The swine flu outbreak has definately taken it's toll here. My mum's obviously gone a tad bit paranoid and went out to buy sanitizers and doctor psycho masks for us. My aunts have also ruled out cycling by the beach because my sister's going to be 'too exposed to the sun'. Yes, keep her in the dark or else she'll sizzle away into nothingness. Might as well throw out all the garlic and buy little coffins for us to sleep in.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

My kittens : D

Aren't they tiny? They easily fit into the palm of my hand ^^

We've already got one person who wants to adopt the baby boy! So there's still 2 available if anyone's interested. I'm looking for RESPONSIBLE owners who will take full care of these little darlings and not end up at the SSPCA or the sidewalk.

I was so antsy during the birth time i couldn't sit still. Munchie was practically writhing in agony on my bed(yes she gave birth ON MY BED) and i was actually telling her to push harder out loud. Luckily no one was in the room at the time 0.0

She came to my room at about 5 in the morning meowling in this real weird voice, pacing about restlessly. I got her to lie down in the basket i prepared and tried to calm her down. Then her contractions started and this sticky yellowish fluid started dripping from her bottom. My sister came in with her friend and the 3 of us sat down beside the basket trying to get her to stay quiet. Being my first birth, i was worried sick.

The birthing process didn't actually start till the afternoon. By this time my sister had gone downstairs and her friend was long gone. So i took a vid of the first baby being born.

My sister took a long but pointless video of the Mummy and her babies a few days after the birth. Check it out.

Midnight Musings

My eyes are half dead from sleepiness and im up to my neck in projects. I've been running back and forth between people's places so much this whole week that Kim's house has become my second home. Blogging seems next to impossible. I've never been this busy in my life.

An account of Esther Price's life, a presentation, reasearch on sweatshops, a ton of english assignments including a written biography of Roald Dahl's life plus our music project in which we have to dance and sing. PLUS the second term exams are looming up. With the dark ages ahead of us, we need to do all we can to keep our sanity in check.

Me, brenda and jacques had a wacky conversation earlier on msn. Nobody was making much sense. I guess those are the results of trying to socialize at 1 am in the morning.

PS: the kittens were born on mother's day! 2 girls and a boy : ) ADORABILITY TO THE POWER OF 300.